Today's Life & War: Gohar Dashti, Shadi Ghadirian, and Tahmineh Monzavi

 “Today’s Life and War” emerged from my experiences during the eight year Iran-Iraq War. This conflict has had a strong symbolic influence on the emotional life of my generation. Although we may be safe within the walls of our homes, the war continues to reach us through newspapers, television and the Internet. This body of work represents war and its legacy, the ways in which it permeates all aspects of contemporary society.” - Gohar Dashti

Robert Klein Gallery is pleased to present "Today’s Life & War”, an exhibition of works by contemporary photographers Gohar Dashti, Shadi Ghadirian, and Tahmineh Monzavi. Presenting a selection of important photographs over the last twenty years of their careers, these images illustrate the legacy and remnants of war as it continues to impact society and culture - regardless of religion, politics, or geography. All born and educated in Iran, the three female photographers work transcends the lens and context of the Middle East. Their works are not merely an investigation of Iran or islamic culture and identity, but are a reflection on the physical and mental turmoil and destruction that war invariably sears upon its victims. Several of the works on view were first shown in the US in the groundbreaking exhibition “She Who Tells A Story” at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. As a testament to their artistic importance and impact, these works still speak to audiences today beyond borders. As the title of Tahmineh Monzavi’s series “Past Continues” implies, the insanity and devastation of war repeats itself, and so does the human tragedy and legacy of destruction.
The exhibition opens on Saturday February 11th with an artist’s reception from 3-5pm at 38 Newbury Street, Boston.