Michael Kenna: A Decade in Review: @ Robert Klein Gallery (38 Newbury Street)

“The response to Kenna’s photographs here in Boston has been tremendous,” explains gallery owner Robert Klein. “He creates images that are both intellectual and accessible, images that refresh our understanding of photography."

For forty years, Kenna has worked with his camera to create balanced, minimalist compositions in black and white. Imbued with melancholy, Kenna’s photographs are the documents of a solitary traveler observing the world from afar.“His prints are exquisitely seductive, spiritual experiences, akin to poetry or music,” writes photographer Ruth Bernhard in Kenna’s monograph A Twenty Year Retrospective.


“For beginning collectors, Kenna is an affordable entry into photography,” explains gallery director Eunice Hurd. “For established collectors, Kenna is an exemplary printmaker. His work is in the collections of over eighty museums worldwide.”


A Decade in Review features photographs taken in Italy, Japan, France, China,South Korea,and the United States between 2000 and 2012.