"For thirty years I have photographed the beauty and mystery of the natural world - its elemental and sometimes terrifying aspects, its silence, its persistence.  To immerse viewers in a visceral and sensual contemplation of nature and our place within it, I have photographed gardens, cultivated fields, swimmers, jet contrails, the twilight zone in caves, blossoming trees, dramatic skies, and the ground level kingdom of things that creep and crawl.  I photograph with an ever deepening appreciation for how this place shapes us, even as we shape it with our passage."
Sally Gall’s work focuses on the human experience and individual places within our world. She says, “I want viewers to notice things they don't normally see and consider their connection to the natural world. I hope my photographs will make people appreciate the beauty of nature and the fragility of our environment.” Her devotion to her love of nature is admirable and has remained her focus for many years.