….what you see is colourful and has to be reinvented [by the photographer] because the colour itself must turn an object into a subject.  If it remains merely an object, then I think the film, and not the photographer, is managing the colour.”  

Born in 1933 in Modena, Italy, Franco Fontana started taking photographs in 1961. In 1968, Fontana had his first solo exhibition at the Galleria della Sala di Cultura in Modena. He first exhibited work internationally in 1972 in Vienna, then traveled to the United States in 1979. 

Fontana still lives and works in Modena, Italy.

Selected Collections: 

International Museum of Photography and Film, George Eastman House, Rochester, NY 

The Museum of Modern Art, New York 

Ludwig Museum, Cologne, Germany 

Museum of Art, Norman, Oklahoma 

National Gallery, Beijing 

The Australian National Gallery, Melbourne 

University of Texas, Austin 

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 

Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo 

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 

Muséed'ArtModerne de la Ville de Paris, Paris 

Museo de Arte de São Paolo, Sao Paolo 

Schweizerische Stiftung für die Fotografie, Winterthur 

Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki 

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, CA 

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow 

Victoria & Albert Museum, London