Half Life

Rosamond Wolf Purcell
Rosamond Wolf Purcell, 1980
Half Life: Rosamond Wolf Purcell
Publisher: Godine
Dimensions: 10.5 X 9.5 Inches
Pages: 64
$ 50.00

The power of Rosamond Wolff Purcell's compelling photographs lies in their ability to evoke memory and create illusions. Complex, multi-faceted, and magical, her work blends portraits of men and women with images of plants and animals to form a world on the edge of reality. Her inventive use of Polaroid Land films takes the exploration of this versatile medium into new terrain. The layered appearance of these photographs is the result of Purcell's juxtaposition of a light-reflective or translucent surface with the subject - there is only one double exposure in the book. Her innovative photographic technique and extraordinary artistic range establish her as one of the most original and creative talents in American photography.


With 32 full-color and 15 duotone photographs

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