Homework (Suomen Kuvat 1973-2008)

Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Arno Rafael Minkkinen, 2008
Homework (Suomen Kuvat 1973-2008): Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Publisher: LIKE
Dimensions: 9 X 11 Inches
Pages: 166
$ 150.00

 Minkkinen works without manipulations of any kind. His photographs are not so much self-portraits as a portrait of ourselves in the natural world. Likewise, with the aim toward timelessness, he works in the nude and usually without assistants. The secret force behind his vision is the Finnish homeland where he was born and then moved away from in early childhood; to be rediscovered in his adult years as a source from which his imagination continues to draw creative energy.


In Homework (Suomen Kuvat 1973-2008)Minkkinen reveals his love for women as the purest of creative inspirations. Coupled with self-portraits from all regions of Finland, the vision of one of Finland's most productive and influential photographic artists is illuminated. As he reflects on his inspirations, Minkkinen pays tribute to the master Finnish painters of the twentieth century as well as to the students he has been proud to have in his classes.


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