Henry Horenstein
Henry Horenstein, 1999
Creatures: Henry Horenstein
Publisher: Pond Press
Dimensions: 9.5 X 11.5 Inches
Pages: 80
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Creatures is a collection of haunting images by noted photographer Henry Horenstein. Horenstein's subjects include walruses and whales, crocodiles and catfish, rhinos and rays as captured all over the world. In an unusual process, the originals are made with black-and-white slide film and printed with Ilfochrome, a color reveal process that produces the subtle monochromatic brown tone of the images. The 300-line screen tritones faithfully capture the unique feeling of the original prints.


Horenstein, "like photographers from Weston to Mapplethorpe, makes quasi abstractions out of living forms," wrote The Boston Globe."His carp and jellyfish are weightless and oddly graceful, suspended in warm and diffuse atmospheres." 

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