Close Relations

Henry Horenstein
Henry Horenstein , 2006
Close Relations: Henry Horenstein
Publisher: powerHouse Books
Dimensions: 10.3 x 11.2 Inches
Pages: 112
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In Close Relations, noted photographer Henry Horenstein presents his earliest photographs, made when he was a student at RISD. Mixed with humor and history, this collection of family and friends, landscapes, and period imagery describe a time familiar to everyone, where one moves from adolescence to adulthood — remaining a part of the family while beginning to create a world of one's own.


As a history student in the late 1960s, Horenstien learned the importance of preserving the present to create a record for the future. As he took up photography, he carried these lessons with him. In Close Relations, he offers us a warm and quirky look at his personal history, and at that of a particular place and time.


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