Stanley Greenberg
Stanley Greenberg, 2003
Waterworks: Stanley Greenberg
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Dimensions: 11 X 9 Inches
Pages: 153
$ 70.00

The scale of New York's water system is staggeringit provides 1.3 billion gallons of water a day to over nine million people from two thousand square miles of watershed. Not only a technical miracle, New York's water system is also sublime from its acres of bucolic land to its glimmering steel mechanizations. Waterworks captures the beauty and mystery of a system that is essential to so many.


Stanley Greenberg spent ten years photographing these spectacular sites and petitioning the authority to gain access to them. He completed the photography in 2001, just before the events of September 11 closed most of these sites to all visitors. In Waterworks, Greenberg reveals this now hidden liquid city.


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