Still Lovers

Elena Dorfman
Still Lovers: Elena Dorfman
Publisher: Channel Photographics LLC
Dimensions: 10.25 x 10.5 Inches
Pages: 127
$ 100.00

A fine art and magazine photographer since 1989, Elena Dorfman specializes in documenting extreme circumstances and unusual subjects. Her work appears regularly in national and international publications. 


In Still Lovers, Dorfman explores the complex relationships between life-sized, synthetic sex dolls and their owners. For many, the idea of sex dolls conjures images of kitschy inflatable, but these expensive, highly realistic dolls, which owners customize to the smallest detail, are far from silly, and they perform a more than sexual role for their owners. Dorfman's deft treatment of the subject and neutral color palate keeps the images firmly grounded in a documentary tradition that depicts the subjects outside of the visual schema associated with fantasy. 


First Edition. Signed by the artist 

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