Six Degrees of Freedom

Jessica Backhaus
Jessica Backhaus , 2015
Six Degrees of Freedom: Jessica Backhaus
Publisher: Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg/Berlin
Dimensions: 9 x 11 Inches
Pages: 112
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Jessica Backhaus examines, with her latest photographic series six degrees of freedom, universal questions of human existence. Based on her own life story she inquires about the significance of knowing the roots of one's own existence and to what extent it is possible to re-elaborate these – usually prescribed– roots. Initially unconsciously, then ever more purposefully the photographer, who grew up in a family of artists, at some point in her life set off in search of her own background. On this journey, she visits places of her childhood and youth and fills the gaps in her memories. With her photographs, she symbolically captures the essence of this search and of her life stages. Simultaneously, she pulls off the balancing act of keeping the images open for the beholder. Her photographs possess metaphoric potential and work against the grain of a classic social documentary photography. They alternate between realism and abstraction.


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