Paul Ickovic: Photographs

Paul Ickovic
Paul Ickovic , 2021
Paul Ickovic: Photographs: Paul Ickovic
Publisher: Okapi Editions
Dimensions: 15.25 x 12 inches
$ 95.00

Working in the classic style of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Brassai, Paul Ickovic's images are captive moments. Describing what he calls a "critical distance," Ickovic is close enough to his subject to be noticed but also maintains the eye of a voyeur. He records transitory moments that are never posed or altered. Ickovic tells much of his own story through the cities and people he photographs; a narrative with which the viewer can engage and relate.


This stunning 61 plate monograph is a retrospective of the work of Czech-American phographer Paul Ickovic.  Printed by Trifolio in Italy, the striking images are printed in a way that reminds one of early 20th century photogravures. 


Essay by Dominique Versavel & Marianne Le Galliard. Poem by Nalia Moreira.

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