In Times of War and Peace

David & Peter Turnley
David & Peter Turnley, 1996
In Times of War and Peace: David & Peter Turnley
Publisher: Electa / Abbeville
Dimensions: 11.25 X 9.5 Inche
Pages: 231
$ 50.00
The history of the last decades before the millennium has been indelibly preserved by David and Peter Turnley, twins who went on a journey to seventy-five countries. Their compassionate photographs reflect their respect for the dignity of the individual, as Howard Chapnick has put it, "despite having been to hell and back, theirs is not an apocalyptic vision of the world. Though photographing a stormy and unsightly world, they often find oases of kindness and reverence for life that generates hope for the future of mankind. The nobility of their subjects often transcends the horror of the event." 
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