Urban Landscapes

George Tice
George Tice , 2002
Urban Landscapes: George Tice
Publisher: International Center of Photography / W.W. Norton
Dimensions: 12 X 12 Inches
Pages: 167
$ 150.00

The photographs of George Tice are a fusion of beauty with the grit of ordinary experience. Tice, whose photographic books include Hometowns: An American Pilgrimage, Fields of Peace: A Pennsylvania German Album, and the award-winning Paterson, has turned his camera many times to his native New Jersey. In Urban Landscapes, from these images of his home state taken over the past thirty years, Tice has crafted a wordless and sometimes heartbreaking record of what urban life aspires to, its successes and its failures. Here are movie theaters, shops, houses, apartment buildings, factories, and street scenes from cities large and small. With an extraordinary eye and photographic excellence, Tice honors the commonplace.


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