Selected Photographs 1953-1999

George Tice
George Tice , 2001
Selected Photographs 1953-1999: George Tice
Publisher: Godine
Dimensions: 5.75 X 8 Inches
Pages: 95
$ 90.00
No photographer we have published in recent years deserves more exposure or more acclaim than George Tice. He has the sensibilities of an urban romantic, and his work ranges from the resolutely rural to haunting still lives of an urban and suburban America whose tableaux of decay and casual abandonment, of genuinely majestic contradictions (the massive water tower of Rahway, New Jersey rising incongruously behind a hoary oak), reveal a country in the throes of change and yet somehow still clinging to an idealized past. Tice is unusual, perhaps unique, in his affection for the forms that define our landscapes, and for his uncanny eye - as sensitive as Walker Evans', as precise as Eugène Atget's - for capturing images that are at once immediate and timeless, simultaneously modern and classic.
This book is his own selection of his best images, a striking collection from five decades of consistently outstanding work.
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