Paterson II

George Tice
George Tice , 2006
Paterson II: George Tice
Publisher: The Quantuck Lane Press
Dimensions: 10 X 9 Inches
Pages: 131
$ 150.00
George Tice, whose photographs are nationally and internationally renowned, has long been fascinated with the urban landscape and its decay. As early as 1972, Tice explored this theme in his solo exhibition Paterson, New Jersey, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. More than thirty years after completing this powerful series, Tick decided to revisit Paterson to continue his thought provoking examination of this aging industrial city. Tice once again focused on the extraordinary beauty of the natural site of the city along with its ethnically diverse inhabitants, dilapidated architecture, and seedy commercial areas. This new portrait of Paterson reveals how the city has changed during the last three decades and once again demonstrates Tic's impressive ability to transform a bleak cityscape into exquisite photographs of great aesthetic power.

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