Radiant Identities

Jock Sturges
Jock Sturges, 1994
Radiant Identities: Jock Sturges
Publisher: Aperture
Dimensions: 9.5 X 11.5 Inches
Pages: 95
$ 120.00
In Radiant Identities, photographer Jock Sturges explores issues of youth and the liberation of body and spirit. These unforgettable images are made from his own circle of acquaintances and family. In superb reproductions, Sturges evokes the classical spirit of Old Master paintings and late-nineteenth-century photographic tableaux, while probing concepts of emergent sexuality and psychological intimacy. Radiant Identities is the second volume in Sturges's ongoing work. Physically and psychically revealing, these deeply felt images are gloriously natural and wonderfully compelling.
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