WANG WUSHENG (Chinese, b. 1945)

Wang Wusheng was born in the city of Wuhu in China’s Anhui Province and graduated from Anhui University’s School of Physics. Beginning in 1973, Wusheng worked as a photographer for a news magazine in Anhui Province. He studied at the Art Institute of Nihon University in Japan beginning in 1983 and studied for three years at the Tokyo Arts University. Wusheng currently works as a fine art photographer in Tokyo.

For more than three decades, Wusheng has been captivated by the beauty of Mount Huangshan, also called Yellow Mountain. Located in the southern part of the Anhui province in northern China, Mount Huangshan has often been described as the world’s most beautiful and enchanting mountain. Over many centuries, this mountain, with its seventy-two peaks, has been the subject of Chinese landscape painters, whose singular works are so haunting make it appear impossible for these mountains to exist in nature. Inspired by the legacy of these paintings, Wusheng has sought to portray Mount Huangshan in his own way, expressing his “inner worlds” through this scenic wonder.

Wusheng captures mist-shrouded granite peaks emerging from an ever-changing veil of clouds, sculptural craggy rocks on lofty cliffs and weathered, oddly shaped pine trees. He records the appearance of Mount Huangshan in all seasons and at various times of day. As one critic says, “[Wusheng’s] pictures are gorgeous, but their beauty does not come directly from the natural scenery. Rather, the mountain’s natural wonders have been transformed into artistic spectacles through the artist’s commitment to the medium of black-and-white photography, his insistent pursuit of dynamic movement and metamorphic images, and his deep emotional engagement with his subject. His mountain peaks are often densely dark—a kind of velvet darkness that seems full of color.”

 Selected Collections:

Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Washington, D.C.

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria

China Art Museum, Beijing, China


Huangshan, Celestial Mountains,, 2006

Celestial Realm: The Yellow Mountains of China, 2005

Himmelsberge, 1998

Artistic Interpretation of Huangshan Mountain, 1994

Verve of Mt. Huangshan, 1993

Visions of the Tranquility of Mount Huangshan, 1988

Mount Huangshan: Works of Wang Wusheng, 1981