SAMIRA ALIKHANZADEH  Peace,   Double Series,  2013

SAMIRA ALIKHANZADEH Peace, Double Series, 2013

Samira AlikHanzadeh

Iranian, b. 1967

 “What began as an obsession with windows and light sources in interiors became the main element in my initial works and has stayed with me to the present. Taking the position of an observer, I created an overlay of window-like openings to the interiors within my composition, and introduced human figures and forms as part of the cold and grey atmosphere within my impression of a society filled with deeply satirical contrasts reflected by my use of blues, purples, and greens. I have since removed the frames and now use the images minimally, printing them directly on the surface and rendering them with my own palette of hues."

Born in Tehran, Iran, in 1967, Alikhanzadeh uses mirror fragments, found photographs, and acrylic paint to experiment with ideas of past and present identities, presence, and perspective.