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This is a partial listing of the collectible monographs and publications we have available for purchase.
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You Look At Me Like An Emergency by CIG HARVEY
2012, Schilt Publishing

You Look At Me Like An Emergency is a visual autobiography populated by the photographer’s central
relationships for more than a decade. As much a map of one woman’s emotional life as it is a catalog
of psychological archetypes, You Look At Me Like An Emergency takes the viewer on a journey of rejection,
hope, strength, loss and love to find a place called home.




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American Studies by JIM DOW
2011, powerHouse Books

"What I love about Jim Dow's pictures is that they're not kidding. . . . In wordless ways America continually
describes its vision to us, dropping broad hints about what its citizens are expected to be. With these photographs
Dow catches the hints latent in dozens of American settings. . . . And when I say his pictures aren't kidding, I mean
they avoid the danger that exists in recording such hints and signs . . . no superiority, no wry chuckles from a more
refined altitude. Aspects of his photographs are funny, maybe even hilarious, but that's only noted in passing.
He's more interested in what the American vision is, or was, and in the scary open-endedness of our identity."

- Ian Frazier, from the Introduction to American Studies


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